Role Of Psychometric Test In The Pilot Selection

Role Of Psychometric Test In The Pilot Selection

All of us were pilots during our good old childhood days with paper planes in our hands.  How many of us followed that dream with passion and how many achieved that dream successfully? Those who achieved it are highly confident in their ability and that indicates a large amount of self-actualization. Dreaming about life aim and pursuing it will be a big achievement for anyone.

An airline pilot controls and navigates the plane and operates the plane’s engine. The safety system and aircraft systems are under the control of the plot. In order to obtain the pilot license, one should have the preset number of flying hours and should be fit with the physical and mental health of the aspirants. Many hazards such as fatigue, jet lag, and unfavorable weather conditions may come in the way.

Career requirement

Role Of Psychometric Test In The Pilot Selection

A bachelor’s degree in aircraft operation, aviation, aeronautical engineering, or related field is a must. About 2 months of ground training and more than 1500 hours of flight experience are essential. The cognitive skills such as communication, problem-solving, good depth perception and reaction time, observation skill are also tested in the recruitment stage. Thus many recruiting agencies are included psychometric tests in pilot selection. Finally one may need the pilot‘s license, instrument rating certificate or airline transport certificate.

Why are pilot practice exams used:

In order to become a successful pilot, there is a range of necessary skills that one must possess. These skills are tested during the recruitment stage with some aviation tests. The skill sets being tested at different stages include:

  • Understanding of technical knowledge
  • Coordination and spatial awareness
  • Physics and maths knowledge
  • Ability to stay calm and stable in stressful situations.
  • Immense leadership skills
  • Multi-functioning ability
  • Personality
  • Leadership

From the above list, one can understand the need for prior preparations for success. And here is the guideline of how you can do that.

  • Practice

It is not possible to fly a plane without previous knowledge and practice. And only very few people are able to pass the psychometric test on the first go. Make sure you are practicing with materials that include in-depth practice tests, study guides, proper explanations to the tricky questions, etc. Many websites are providing pilot aptitude preparation materials that include everything needed for the preparation.

  • Be prepared for the interviews

The assessment centers conduct the personality tests, group, and role-play exercises, and a compass test. The attitude, understanding about the industry, teamwork skills, etc. are tested in the interviews. Be familiar with such type of interviews by attending mock interviews and prepare well and train yourself to land on your dream job.

  • Get away from the stress

Being nervous or stressed, one can never face a recruitment board. Be confident in the abilities, practice self-discipline and nurture the self-confidence. Practice makes a man perfect. So be ready with as many practices as you can that will definitely boost the confidence level and you can feel free before the tests.

What are the psychometric tests :

The scientific and standard methods used to measure one’s mental abilities and behavioral styles are known as psychometric tests. These tests are the measures of the candidates’ suitability for a job. The test basically tests the person’s personality characteristics and aptitude. They can identify the extent to which the candidate’s cognitive abilities and personality traits suits that required to perform a specific job. These tests are designed to be unbiased and objective and proven statistically. An accurate evaluation of a candidate and predictions on the candidate’s performance can be made with these tests. So one who is not able to pass the test can know their weaker sides and prepare well to improve the required traits. So in the psychometric tests in pilot selection plays an important role.

The cognitive abilities

These are the set of mental abilities that are part of every human action in the awakened state. These brain-based can do a lot with the problem-solving skill communication, how they learn, remember and pay attention, etc. The cognitive skills are supported by the specific neuronal network. Cognitive skills can be nurtured by practice. The skills which are not used regularly may tend to decline. With suitable lifestyle options and practice, the decline can be delayed. To boost cognitive functions, one can follow the below methods:

  • Feed the brain- Eating a well balanced, healthy diet will help the brain to develop. Include protein rich food in the diet, which is the best for the brain.
  • Sleep is good medicine- It allows the brain to clear out the toxins and improve the cognitive functions which are beginning to decline.
  • Take up puzzles as a hobby- Puzzles and mental games make the brain cells active and new connections are made. Spending some time on crosswords will reduce cognitive decline. Once the brain gets good at something, no need to work hard on that later. Give challenges to the brain to make sure that it keeps working and developing.
  • Reduce stress- People with high stress are more likely to get affected by cognitive declines. A balanced lifestyle is essential to recover from stress. Yoga, meditation or some other relaxation techniques can be practiced to reduce stress and hence enhance the cognition skills.

Advantages of psychometric tests

  • More objective career and personnel assessments can be done with these tests.
  • Very easy to administrate
  • It saves a great deal of time
  • Quick and easy results are available
  • Cost effective method compared to other similar tests
  • Tests can be taken from anywhere and accurate scores are shown each time.


Role Of Psychometric Test In The Pilot Selection

The highly complex process of assessing and appraising people is very subjective. The hidden traits of individuals can be objectively analyzed with the help of psychometric tests. While making important personal decisions from recruitment to career development plans, these tests provide reliable information. By using these tests in many recruitment procedures will ensure the best candidate selection in the respective fields.




Role Of Psychometric Test In The Pilot Selection